Yamato IV - Retribution

This is a work in progress. What you see here is the result of several years (yes, years!) work, and is nowhere near complete. (After this long, you'd think I'd be done by now...) The storyline evolved over a long period of time, updating and changing to accommodate new information and ideas. However, it is not yet complete.. in fact, it's just getting started. Because of that, the title may not make any sense. In time, it will.

A few words on character names and ranks are in order. The story is set in the Star Blazers universe, to a point. If a character was given an English name, I used it. If a character did not appear in the American translated series, or was never given an English name (such as Chief Yamazaki, who appeared in the Comet Empire series, but was never given an English name,) then I kept the Japanese name rather than make up an English one. I see no reason why the crew cannot be multi-national, rather than the insistent "Americanization" of other fanfics. The character names I am using are the ones used in the Perfect Album by Argo Press. Like the Argo Press comic series, I use "Yamato" for the ship name, not "Argo;" after all, the original series and movies were about the ship and her crew, not the crew and their ship. Although I make some subtle references to Freddo Kopetz's fanfics (for it is he who indirectly convinced me to get back to writing fanfiction in the first place,) I do not always use the same names. I also attempt to follow the existing timeline rather than skew off into my own alternate reality. Retribution takes place approximately 4 years after the Yamato was destroyed to knock Aquarius away from Earth - 2209, if my math is correct. This also assumes that you include Yamato III (Bolar Wars) in your timeline, adjusting for inconsistencies. Love it or hate it, it happened.

I am using Naval ranks for shipboard personnel and Army ranks for EDF personnel. Space Marines are Marines, obviously. This seems to make the most sense to me, considering that "The Commander" outranked General Stone, meaning Commander Singleton was a superior General of some form. The Perfect Album lists him as a Major General, but allowing for promotions, he's now the top ranking official in charge of the Earth Defense Force, with Lt. General Stone directly under him. Since he is the commanding officer in charge of the EDF, he's still referred to as "Commander," (which rolls off the tongue better than "General.")

Finally... the story is subject to change. It's gone through four five SIX SEVEN revisions just getting it up here. :) So far, I am pretty satisfied with everything up to Chapter 9.

As of 10/1/08, Chapters 1 through 10 are complete, and have been posted to various places.

All comments and suggestions are welcome, either to me or to the New Voyages or Scarlet Scarf Mailing Lists.

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Yamato IV - Retribution is (C) 1987 - 2008 Glenn Brensinger. All characters, likenesses, images, blah blah blah are owned by Voyager Entertainment and/or Leiji Matsumoto, or maybe Yoshinobu Nishizaki... they're still arguing over that.